4 Situations You Should See A Urologist

A urologist is a professional who specializes in disorders affecting the urinary area in both men and women. The professional is also very knowledgeable on problems affecting the individual reproductive system. While urologists have been around for a long time, many people don’t know when to see them. To help you out, here are some of the situations when you should visit an urologist: samadi md urology

Bloodstream in urine

This is self-explanatory. You have a reason to worry when you attend the bathroom, and you notice bloodstream in urine. It just isn’t normal. Known as hematuria in medical terms, the condition is common for those who have an underlying bladder problem. You will probably have blood in urine when you have kidney cancer. 

You must note that you should wait until you observe bloodstream when you are peeing. Although you may have a research ensure that you the lab tech tells you that you have got blood in your urine, you should consider seeing an urologist.

Furthermore to getting rid of stress that is included with having the problem, getting the problem inspected also helps you to fix the underlying problem at the earliest possible time. For example, if you have cancer and the condition is detected early enough, you will be cured unlike when you would wait for a condition to be discovered later on.

Once you visit the professional, he/she will undertake further tests such as PSA to understand more about the disorder that you are suffering from. If you have elevated PSA levels, the chances are high that you have prostatic cancer. Depending on the extent of cancer, the doctor can recommend statement, chemotherapy, radiation, and many other options.

Calcium oxalate stone(s)

If you have attended your local clinic and you find away you have kidney stones, you have a fantastic reason to see an urologist. Even though, the regular doctors can treat the stones as they pass through the program, urologists are the only professionals that are certified and trained to pulverize the stones non-surgically.

Renal tumors

Years back, when one had kidney tumors, the doctors may have a radiologist biopsy the lesion. This kind of is no longer the truth as studies have shown that whenever rays are used, the radiologists can miss the cancellous cells. The professionals can also cause the cancer cells to spread to the other parts of the body.

Nowadays, when you have a kidney tumor, you have to visit an urologist who will carry out some tests to determine the spread of the tumor and its exact location. The professional will likely then go ahead and remove the tumor using laparoscopic or robotic surgery.

Guy infertility

As mentioned, the professionals deal with problems with the male reproductive : system; therefore, when you are infertile as a man, you should visit an urologist that will undertake some tests to spot the underlying causes because of it and come up with ways of treating it. Some of the treatment options for the condition include: varicocele, medications and many others.