A Career in Interior Decoration

Some school of thought statements that interior decorators are born, not made. Nevertheless, as long as you have a basic creative streak and a longing to be creative, you can be groomed to the level of competence in interior decoration. Offering a property buyer the benefit for one’s creative ability in this way is one of the most lucrative and creative professions today. interior decorator

Beyond any uncertainty, interior decoration is a satisfying profession for many who ‘have it’ these days. Presently there is an unprecedented amount of up-market residential and commercial property offered on the real estate market today. Moreover, the present generation buyers of properties can afford to obtain their new acquisitions packaged nicely. Engaging the services of an inside decorator was once considered a luxurious luxury, but not ever again. With the increased spending benefits of the THIS generation, a home is defined by its artistic appeal — and a growing number of men and women are prepared to pay for that. 

The trend for professionally adorned interiors has percolated down from film stars to almost every upper classe of society. Neither is the demand for home decoration any longer limited to residences — experience the offices of all successful doctors, legal representatives and advertising agencies, as well as bookstores, music shops, shopping malls, restaurants, hotel industry lobbies… yes, the scope for interior decoration is almost endless.


Apart from being an inherently glamorous occupation, interior decoration has a career has a quantity of other interests offer:

PEOPLE — You meet a lot of them, and from an interesting cross-section – from movie icons to business caractère; from well-known restaurant owners to fast-track lawyers; from neurosurgeons to the nonproductive rich.

MONEY — You earn a lot than it. Everyone has respect for artistic flair, and your efforts are meant to echo the property owner’s own taste. This makes it an ego issue, and people pay a great deal to support their ego.

CONTACTS — A career in interior adornment is self-propagating. One efficiently completed contract almost immediately causes another, till you can actually pick and choose. Also, those you come across can come in useful in a great many other respects later on.

ZERO SPECIAL TRAINING REQUIRED — naturally, a basic level in home repair cannot hurt, but a period of time of internship under a recognised in house decorator will serve just as well.

EXTENSIVE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES INDIVIDUALS — You will not be working by yourself. A large enough contract will demand the services of a carpenter, electrical installer, painter and a video computer designer. A whole lot of men and women will benefit from your profession – and that is significant.

UNLIMITED JOB SATISFACTION — Articulating oneself artistically is one of the most gratifying activities that the human being can have; being paid to do it is only a bonus. This is no secret the particular one works best at what one enjoys doing – it is equally true that you of the biggest problems in the current professional world is not enough creative outlets.

Most people provide an ‘inbuilt’ creative skills in certain form or the other. Professional interior for their who were polled just lately firmly denied that their own is a ‘born’ breed — almost anyone can produce a flair, taste and proficiency in this field.


As already talked about, you don’t require any special qualifications to become a successful interior decorator (as opposed to interior creating, which has far more demanding parameters). Basically, you should have an capacity to judge spaces (including the potential for concealed storage space), lighting requirements, color schemes and clashes, furniture styles, and so forth and a ‘feel’ for upholstery and window curtain fabrics. Finally, you will need to bring these out to maximum benefits within the framework of the given budget.

There are a number of literature and journals offered to the subject of interior decor, though not so many on the Indian market. For the seriously interested, however, this will not present a problem. Virtually any specialty bookstore will offer you a selection of brought in publications. A subscription to Indian magazines like ‘Inside Outside’ would be helpful by offering information on styles and combinations presently favored in the country.

One of the most helpful actions you can take is to visit properties which may have been expertly designed, study the work done there, and even ask the owners in what respects they are or aren’t satisfied with the end results. The places to zero in on are newly bought flats and offices that contain engaged the services of an interior decorator. The point is not to judge the standard of the job done, but to get a feel of what kind of interior developing is popular on the real estate market, and for that reason sells.