Black 4GB Bluetooth MP3 Camera Sunglasses With FM

Acquire cheap gizmos from Chinese suppliers. The black Camcorder DVR Sunglasses carry a concealed camera with CMOS movement sensor for video taking and photographing and support MP3 playing and FM radio. The camera is as useful in concealed functions as its occurrence is hardly noticeable. So if you posses the need penalized a James Attachment who spies with styles then this is actually the product for you. This China camera & camcorder not only is useful in spying but also is a source of entertainment by playing recorded songs which you have chosen or FM radio. bluetooth spy camera

This cool electronic tool is a perfect partner who supports you while working & also entertains you. Not only this you can take it on your party or vacations or refreshments thus serving as glasses & at the same time never miss a moment by recording your favorite things or taking still pictures. Thus now you don’t have to carry that camera or a video recorder everywhere, dispose them of & buy this new experience. The glasses come with following features:

Normal Microphone Range is 3 meters with real time recording with reading speed> 700kbs, writing speed> 500kbs. The camera also features t contact to choose up all minor details for your video. Provides Camcorder Camera with CMOS motion sensor 1. 3 mega for 640×480 online video; 1280 x 1024 images. The transmission range is 10 meters.

The camera comes with an internal memory of 4 GIG & records consistently until memory is full or else you opt for manual turn off. This offers you total satisfaction that it will not stop suddenly in between the operation.

Hardware Requirements:
Stylish sunglasses made from Polaroid Lens from U. T that suits any personality comes in Back color with dimensions of 170mm x 160mm x forty mm & is so light that it weighs only 0. 250kg. The keys assembled in such an user friendly way that you don’t have to struggle at any point & have easy control, also have a MICROPHONE attached with it with range of 3 meters to record the audio tracks details in a perfect manner. Can Work easily within the temperature limit of: 0? C~60? C & can be Stored within the temperature selection of: -25? C~80? C.

Camera had 4GB of interior memory & can be plugged to any laptop/pc using USB 2. zero connection. Easy recharge options by using an electric power adapter of 5V DC/500mAh & also comes with an embedded 550mAh Lithium ion Polymer Battery that can be recharged easily with an USB charger & supports Bluetooth Version: V1. 2. It’s compatible with basically all audio tracks platforms like MP3/WAV/WMA and more.

Other Features:
The Shades can play recorded tracks as well as support FM radio. They are also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled cellphones that support headset and hands-free profiles. Play online video with video player like QuickTime, Real player, Surprise Codec record videos in AVI format. It eats power less than zero. 4W.

The bundle includes Sunglasses DVR (quantity-1), English user manual (quantity-1), Charger (quantity-1), Driver Compact disk (quantity-1), USB cable (quantity-1). Every item are crammed properly & well established in a paper field.