Breathalysers – New French Driving Regulations

By 1st July 2012 you will find a new addition to the set of things you’ll need to take with you if you plan to drive to, or indeed just through, France. The modern law requires drivers coming from all vehicles (except mopeds) to hold single use disposable breathalyser kits. علائم راهنمایی و رانندگی

Although the polices require drivers to hold one breathalyser kit, the general advice is to carry two kits so that once one test is used, you still have one remaining to meet the law. 

Info recently released by french police suggests that they will be performing place checks on foreign individuals leaving the channel canal and ferry ports. By the time of writing, the police have explained that they will wait fines to foreign individuals until November 2012 because the kits have become short in supply, however the law is legally in force from the first July 2012. Although possibly avoid the fine previous to November, it’s likely that your spot check is going a lot more stable if you have the kit along and the delay to your trip will be minimal.

When ever you purchase your breathalyser kits, make sure that they carry an “NF” number as this shows that they meet the standards acceptable to the French Police.

Why They will have Changed The Guidelines?

The French Police desire to save around five-hundred lives a year with the brand new legislation, requiring motorists to transport these tests with them when they drive. The concept is that motorists are more likely to test themselves to see if they are above the limit before they trigger and may choose not to drive if they discover they’re still over the limit.

The most frequent cause of accidental drink driving (i. e. driving a car within the limit without understanding that you have been breaking the law) is driving first thing in the morning after heading out the night before. The French drink traveling limit is merely 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood, which is much lower that the English limit of 80mg. Pertaining to a precise reading, you must test at least 45 minutes after your previous alcoholic drink.

What Otherwise Am i going to Need?

Here’s a set of what’s required to drive in England which is up to date as at the time of writing:

Side by side Pack of Single Make use of Breathalysers (Marked NF)
The original registration documents and insurance certificate
GB Sticker label (if your registration quantity noesn’t need a GB mark)
Warning triangle – although it’s not mandatory to carry a warning triangular, it is mandatory to display one in the wedding of an accident or breakdown.
Reflective Jacket – mandatory for the new driver, good sense for your passengers
Headlamp converter set up – the legal need is not to charm oncoming vehicles or risk a fine. Make sure that the kit you have is well suited for all vehicles. British headlights are positioned for driving on the left hand side, the adapters divert the sunshine for driving on the contrary side of the road.
Finally it’s really worth noting that speed camera detectors are forbidden in France, and almost all of the EU. When you have a satellite television navigation system which shows the location of rate cameras then go into the settings and change off this functionality while you’re in France. The fine is a significant 1, 500 Euros.