Comcast Makes Continual Upgrades to Cable TV

Satellite tv has had a less than stellar reputation in the past, but there are a few things that cable does (and has done) which make cable TV worth looking into again. The most basic thing that has been done was to embrace digital TV technology. This may seem to be very elementary, but it actually has some pretty much reaching implications. For example, using digital TV to transmit TV programming has the benefit for allowing each video stream to be compressed so that it takes up less band width. When each channel will take up less bandwidth, a cable TV company can fit more channels over the existing cable structure without having to buy a new toothbrush or add more cables. This kind of compression technology makes cable connection company able to provide over three hundred programs, rendering it at least as good as any dish TV service. atto net 5

Another thing that digital TV allows cable to do is to provide an improved picture. At any time that TV is transmitted it picks up a certain amount of interference. Even if it happens to be sent over buried cables, it still picks up the interference of cosmic radiation or something. This unavoidable interference means a fluffy picture for almost any video which been transmitted higher than a few of hundred feet more than a cable. The good thing about digital TV is that a digital cable connection receiver can tell the difference between interference and the real signal, rendering it easy to clean all of that picture messing up crud out of the signal. Exactly the same thing works for sound too.

Digital TELEVISION SET also allows companies to provide entry to other technology as well. For example, it’s now possible to provide an interactive on screen program guide with digital TV to allow viewers to see exactly what is designed for them to watch at any given time. It even includes points of the TV shows and movies that you must choose from. Digital TV also makes parental control software available as well. Parent control software can be programmed to filter specific types of programming that you might not exactly want your kids to view. In that case, before each program comes on, the software program will check to see that it meets your conditions before letting it be viewed.

Digital TV also sorts the basis for higher tech features like HIGH DEFINITION TV. HDTV is a great new way to watch TV because it offers an even sharper picture than regular digital TELEVISION SET and also a great sound format. Cable is taking good thing about technology in another way with the implementation of Switched Digital Video. Changed Digital Video is a new technology that will enable cable to provide a nearly unlimited number of channels- including HDTV channels- by making better yet use of existing bandwidth.