Farm Frenzy 3 – Ice Age Game Review

Farm building Frenzy 3: Ice Era is the next installation of the farm management series that has considered the everyday gaming world by storm. Join Town Frenzy 3’s star Scarlett as she buys a farm in the North Pole and heads north west to show the farm into profitable! Help her create delightful frozen treats, and breed and care for many arctic animals. Frozen Games

Plantation Frenzy 3: Ice Era continues the storyline of Scarlett, the star of Town Frenzy 3 and their followup game American Curry. In her search for help farmers around the world, Scarlett now discovers herself in the North Pole after buying an arctic farm through a newspaper ad. Honestly though, what kind of plantation would succeed in the frozen wasteland of the North Pole?! 

Not one to be intimidated by a challenge, Scarlett is determined to make her arctic farm work. That isn’t a normal farm though; you may not see any watermelons, pumpkins or chickens here. Instead, Scarlett is centering on breeding arctic pets or animals such as penguins (Penguins in the arctic? Best suited… ), walruses and even mammoths (Mammoths? Maybe which why they named the game “Ice Age”… ).

The game engine for Farm Frenzy 3: Ice cubes Age is the same as for the other Farm Frenzy 3 game titles, so the majority of the gameplay is very similar, but with a cooler (heh) more arctic look and feel. To get example, you won’t see any predatory wolves here, but you’ll get crazy polar bears trying to ruin every day.

The gameplay starts out pretty without effort, with the farming techniques from the other Farm building Frenzy games translating fairly well in this arctic sequel. You start off breeding penguins whose ova you collect. These ova then can be tractored off to the local town for some quick cash, or they can be changed into powdered ovum, then into cookies, then into cakes… that is if you build the necessary machinery on your farm. There will be some recipes that require ingredients not produced on your farm, so that you will need to order these ingredients in via heli.

The purpose of the game is to manage your farm building as successfully as is feasible and completing each level’s collection objectives which include making a certain amount of money or creating a certain number of cakes for example. The challenge is to proficiently manage the various businesses on the farm with as little machinery downtime as it can be, and making sure your home animals are not enjoyed by roaming predators. Fast reflexes are certain to get you very far in this game.

As you progress through the 90 levels in the game, you will earn stars, credits that you can use to buy new farming machines and upgrade your existing technology, making your plantation more effective in various ways. The stars you will get rely upon how well you perform in each level. Defeating a level in record time will get you more stars than polishing off in “Silver Trophy” positioning. Because of that (and because later levels have technology requirements before you can attempt them), you may find you need to redo certain levels to be able to obtain enough stars to buy the required technology.

The location main grid of previous Farm Craze games is back in Ice Age. You can see your progress through the levels over the streets of this town. Why is this interesting is that when you reach street corners, the gameplay reflects that by allowing you to choose which “street” or level sequence to work through, making this game much less geradlinig as its predecessors. Likewise interesting is the truth that the buildings on this town grid little by little upgrade and expand as you work all the way through the levels, giving the picture of the farming community that maintains growing with your farm’s success.

Gameplay-wise, Farm Mania 3: Ice Age will not bring many new mechanics which may have not recently been seen before. This really is very understandable considering it is actually a re-design of Town Frenzy 3. What it does do however, is dress the mechanics up in an exotic arctic feel that makes the game fresh and a welcome change from the tired wheat and chicken breast farm games. If polar bears and goodies are your thing, it looks like an Ice Age is approaching!