Garage Door 101: Knowing Your Garage Door Type

Improving the appeal of your home not only starts off with the house itself and the surrounding landscape, it also includes your garage area. The garage is one of the most heavy traffic places in the house and installing the right door type is not going to provide convenience, it will also enhance and add value to one’s home later on should one decide to sell it. PA Garage Door Installers Insurance

As the garage is one of the extremely heavily used entries to one’s house, it is necessary to considercarefully what type of door to install. Intended for residential homes, rolling, sectional and one piece styles are the most frequent types of door installed. Depending on the homeowner’s budget and preference, most garage door installations are affordable and would only embrace total price depending on door materials that one prefers. 


For those who have bigger headroom in their garage, a rolling type door is ideal. Running doors are made of steels that happen to be rolled up around a drum. Monitors are being used to ensure that the steel curtain is held in place, comes are being used to counterbalance the weight of the folded steel. Typically a standard track covers about 14 inches of headroom although some brooklyn garage door manufacturers also offer custom-made tracks for garages that contain higher ceilings.


Sectional door types are preferred by homeowners who have little space outside of their garage as the door slide overhead so vehicles can park near the garage opening. Love roller doors, sectional gates use tracks and suspension springs. The door are made up of several screens all linked individually on the track. Homeowners who are considering customizing their garage door can choose for a sectional car port as one can use several kinds of materials such as wood, copper, steel and vinyl as well as different ones to match their home.


Monolithic or one piece doorways are less expensive and are preferred by homeowners who are on a budget. One piece door or swing style can be categorized into two – canopy and retracting. Canopy tilt up gates would require bigger headroom space as the entry moves up and photo slides back inside the car port. A portion of the door protrudes outside which is why it is known as “canopy”. A retractable door on the other palm slides fully inside the garage which is suspended from the ceiling of the garage. These door types are ideal when one is considering cost and space is limited in the area.