How to Ensure the Wedding Supplier You Choose is Reputable

Planning for a wedding? How do you ensure that the wedding suppliers you choose will not take your deposit (or even the full amount) is to do a runner? Well the genuine answer is that you can never be one hundred percent certain that the company you are dealing with will not likely go out of business but, employing reputable, well proven suppliers, you have to be confident that they will deliver on what you they have promised. wedding supplier directory

As, for most brides, this will be the first time that they are planning for a wedding, how do they find out who are the good guys & the bad guys within the wedding industry? The straightforward answer is to talk to several people in the industry as possible & ask for their viewpoints & recommendations. The wedding industry within New Zealand is fairly small & many companies network & align themselves with their industry peers. This really means that industry players know who are reputable players & who are not. 

This, of course, makes quite a problem for a new company starting within the industry; just how do they establish their reputation (especially against those which may have been around for many years) & be recognized as reputable? This can be done by enticing birdes-to-be with a lower price & then once they have established themselves & their reputation, they can adapt their pricing to the market norm. Therefore for brides on the search for an improved deal, this may be how to find one, & if the corporation has a solid structure to it, you may have no problems in making use of them but, beware, you could be running into trouble.

A single of the things we do on the Celebration Studio room, is to ensure that the wedding suppliers that are represented in the studio are reputable as not only is their reputation on the collection, but so is our own! If you want any advice on who to use, please feel free to get in touch with all of us. We understand, or are aware of, the reputations & stability of almost all of the New Zealand based wedding suppliers, so even if your query is avoid a company that we represent in the studio room, we will be very happy to help you make the right decision.

Nicky is the co-owner of The Celebration Studio, Auckland’s best event, function and wedding information centre. With over 10 years of international experience in the wedding and event industry, your woman offers advice and advice to brides, companies and private individuals arranging a significant function or event.