How to Prepare Attractive Power Point Presentation Slide For the Audience – Tips and Guidelines

Organization professionals or even low business professionals use Ms PowerPoint to represent his thoughts, plans and progressive ideas. With the help of multimedia projector and wide screen computer keep an eye on, presentation becomes easier. During the slides the thoughts of the presenter portrayed. Power point slides give the audience better experience since they can also enjoy visual presentation. Thus the success of the complete presentation depends mostly on preparing good slides. And so you may think what should be the best ways to prepare the slide. There is no hard and fast secret for doing this. In this article I will give a short discussion and tips about making the presentation more attractive. gambar background power point terbaru

First thing you should keep in head that you need to comprehend about your presentation materials as well as your audience. The time, education level and mindset of the group should be understood earlier. The time of the demonstration is another factor you need to consider before heading to make a demonstration slide.
The outlines of the presentation should be given in the starting so that audience can be aware of the themes of the complete slip show. 

1 ) The background color of the slide should not be to light or too dark. Don’t use too many color in a slide. This will likely make the slide uglier. Dark background gives eyesight pain to the audience since it will be difficult for them to see and understand the slide properly. Use white or other bright background color and it ought to be tested if you are going to use multimedia projector.

2. The size of the typeface should not be too small or too large. Try to limit within 2/3 font styles. Generate sure that your go is visible from the previous corner of the room. You should select such font that can be easily readable. Normally you are able to use at best six lines text in one slide and font size should between around thirty-two.
Don’t fill up your slide with too many texts. Use points to make the slide more understandable and easily appreciated by the audience.

3. Use capital letter in it or heading. This is unwise to use capital letter for the complete slide. Use the phrase that is commonly used and simply understood.

4. You can use picture, videos and screen pictures in the slide. It will eventually give better viewing experience to the audience.

5. You should use animation to your slide. But using too much animation is also disturbing for the audience. I suggest you never to use much animation.

6th. In professional presentation, not necessarily wise to use too many slides. If the number of slide is large, the viewers be bored and exhausted.