Leak Proof Coffee Tumbler

Will certainly you be tired of drinking cold coffee away of your leaky caffeine tumbler? For years My spouse and i suffered with my metal steel coffee tumbler that leaked each and every time that My spouse and i tipped it over-which took place each and every time that I ever done it. I tried just about every brand. While the nissan/thermos kept my caffeine warm, it had not been outflow proof. It appeared like my desk and car were always wet with spilled coffee. My trousers always had coffee staining on them. on amazon

Last winter, my buddy asked me if I had tried the Contigo stainless coffee stemless glass. I told her i had never seen or heard of it. We bought a pair of them was so impressed, that we bought two more as back ups and for friends. 

What is so incredible regarding these coffee tumblers is that they are guaranteed to be leak proof with their Auto Seal technology. I often carry one out of my again pack upside and this day, I have never a new spill.

To drink from the stemless glass you hold down some control on the area of the lid. The only thing I experienced to get accustomed to was letting the small amount of liquid that will gather at the mouth area opening divot drain before releasing the button, in any other case it flicks it up into your face! The reason this happens happens because the tumbler is vacuum pressure sealed. when released quickly, it erupts like an open pressure cooker. My own only complaint about the Contigo is that the coffee is too hot to drink immediately. My spouse and i open the lid many times to cool it off. How will you top that? I mean, we wish hot coffee, right?

My partner is a total klutz in regards to drinking and transporting a coffee tumbler. The lady used to carry caffeine in her purse! I actually solved that problem with the Contigo. My better half is also very ignorant. I would make caffeine for both of all of us first thing each morning and she would not get around to drinking it for 3 or 4 hours. Surprisingly, the Con vos coffee tumbler keeps hers warm.

Contigo makes these tumblers in silver, rare, and red. When possible, stay away from the red and blue if you are incredibly active and take your coffee tumbler almost everywhere you go because the paint will eventually chips away. It’s too bad Contigo does not hard anodize colour to make it permanent.