Mini Vans for Mobile Detailing?

Would it make sense to run a mobile detailing business using mini-vans? Well, We are the Founder of the Detail Guys and some of our dispenses ran mini-vans, many got problems with them. For that reason if you will use a mini-van in your business then be smart about how precisely you do it and exactly how you mount the equipment. auto detailing that comes to you chula vista

For example watch those transaxles in those mini-vans and the brakes, generally more than 100 gallons of water an you are pushing the envelop on safety due to dark-colored ice slides or breakage and costly repairs. This also makes sense to buy a square drinking water tank rather than a round one, which actually rocks the van back again and forth or area to side during spins and can be dangerous. Perhaps prudent to buy a skid unit that you can take in or out. 

There are several companies, which design and build mobile car washing and detailing equipment. Many of these products are van units for instance, read the skid models at There are also companies that make such equipment in California and the prices are not so bad either. Or you might build something similar that really should to help a 1 ton full size van or a custom-made cargo mini-van.

If so you might use a 220 on the water tank, which makes far more sense. If the equipment breaks down you are SOL and sitting down on your rear end waiting for expensive fixes and that is the kiss of death for a mobile auto cleaning or mobile car clean company for sure.

In the event that you are going to buy a fresh or used mini-van, it makes a nice work vehicle with lots of room for signage or a nice shrink rap, but please do your homework and really know what you are getting into. I hope this article propels thought in 2007 and helps you in your quest to be the best.