One Of The Most Costly Business IT Support Mistakes I See Almost Every Week And How To Avoid It

My spouse and i work at an THAT Support Company that provides IT Support for small to medium sized businesses. I’m on the teach on my way to see a possible Organization IT Support client right now with a thorough IT Support Audit survey in my bag. Computer Support Savannah

The report has some unfortunate thing for them. Nothing strange there, but the characteristics of unhealthy news is totally avoidable and might surprise you! I want to make clear. 

Business IT Support Taxation

Like many IT Support Companies we always take on an IT Support Taxation before we accept a new company as an enterprise IT Support Client. We all charge our clients a fixed monthly IT Support payment so we need to really know what we’re engaging in otherwise we could lose a lot of cash.

The IT Support Audit has highlighted a common problem. I’m convinced to say they’ve recently been tricked, but that indicates deliberate action. In truth they’ve been misled alternatively than deliberately tricked by their IT Support Business into spending too much on their computer system. Yes – too much!

Which may sound more like a waste of money than a significant IT Support problem, but it is just a significant IT Support problem. Here’s why.

THIS Support Complexity

They are a company of approximately 20 people, with your computer system sufficiently complex for a tiny bank. I exaggerate, but not that much.

Their particular requirements are actually simple, nonetheless they have 2 computers, one which is a very high specification. Involving the 2 servers they operate 5 different virtual servers and 3 different systems. In addition they have got a very complex (read expensive and overly complex) Barullo networking infrastructure.

Based on advice from their THAT Support Company they put in over 20 thousand changing their systems a subject of months ago. They will find that ongoing THIS Support costs are high as well. Changes or fixes are incredibly expensive. Now i am not surprised. 2 several weeks. complex setup requiring significant amounts of time and technical experience to implement changes or IT Support fixes, to say nothing of the unnecessary business disruption engaged.

In short, high set up costs and high constant IT Support costs. And all of it pointless.

A basic, elegant (and cheaper) IT Support Solution

Really a simple business so all they really need is a single Ms SBS server, a Draytek router and a few Netgear switches. This solution would have cut their initial costs by twelve thousand and their regular costs by approximately several thousand per annum. That they could have done with that money. Unfortunately they have just been compelled to make some personnel redundant.

Elegantly simple and appropriate engineering is something that few IT Support Companies seem to be to understand. I see similar bad engineering on a regular basis. It truly annoys myself. Not only is it expensive, but it’s slack, lazy work by the IT Support Company. Of course that’s easy for me to say. In fact I’ve been doing this for twenty years. As a business owner without THIS Support expertise how can you avoid these expensive errors?

3 basic business tests you should apply when getting a new Organization IT Support Firm

Acquire at least 3 THIS Support quotes. This seems basic, but so few companies do it. I actually get this a policy through my business when we are purchasing any new service. I know is actually time-consuming, but it’s value the time and effort.

Ask “stupid” questions! You afraid to ask. You are definitely the customer. If perhaps they can’t answer it in a way that you can understand then move onto another more customer service centric Organization IT Support Company.

Choose an IT Support Firm that specialises in your size of business. In the event you are a tiny business and they support Venture clients that doesn’t make them much better. It actually makes them worse for you. They will make an effort to shoehorn their enterprise technology into your small business – it’s expensive and in the end it’s not going to work.