Prostate Cancer Surgery – Robotic Keyhole Surgery – Higher Risks – New Study! – Nurse’s Report!

The most used prostate cancer surgery is robotic keyhole surgery, also known as a laparoscopic surgery. This kind of surgery has been performed on thousands of men. It may be popular because it is minimally invasive – not requiring large sillon and uses the da Vinci robotics system. Doctors use robotic arms and special instruments while executing the surgery. Actually keyhole surgery uses a tiny cut and that’s why really known as keyhole surgery. There are other sorts of keyhole surgeries on other areas of the body as well. dr samadi nyc

It has become the prostate cancer surgery of choice for many due to smaller incision meaning every day less in the medical center and a shorter restoration time. 

Now a new study involving 9000 men with prostate cancer show there are risks that hadn’t been addressed before. Some with traditional prostatic surgery and several with automatic keyhole surgery.

The men who had the automatic keyhole surgery rather than the traditional surgery were more likely to survey issues in the first 30 days after their surgery. In addition, later after about 18 several weeks or so they reported more urinary incontinence and erection dysfunction. This comes as a surprise to numerous. Nevertheless, anyone considering this surgery must get all the facts.

If you are considering the surgery, make sure you discuss all the potential risks and difficulties with your prostatic cancer doctor and cosmetic surgeon before you get this surgery. Make sure to ask a medical expert about this study also.

One should be careful that this surgery isn’t hyped up from advertisements and from others who aren’t aware of all the risks. Help to make sure to also to inquire your doctor or physician; whoever is performing your surgery, how many of these surgeries they may have done. Ask how many of their patients had increased incontinence and impotence or erection dysfunction pursuing the surgery in the first 30 days and even 18 months later. Maybe some patients or the doctor didn’t identify the new health conditions were straight related to the keyhole surgery.

Alternatives to the risks of robotic keyhole surgery to remove a cancerous prostate are rays treatment or remedy or watchful waiting. Radiation remedy comes with its own problems. Many choose aware waiting and live long lives free from problems triggered by surgery. Survival rates are good. Get two or three opinions if you’ve been diagnosed. You may get different thoughts from different doctors.

Generally, prostate cancer is sluggish growing but you need to check on with your doctor and find out just what type you have of course, if it’s gradual or fast-growing. Find away everything you can about prostate cancer and traditional and alternative treatment options before you make any decisions.