Road to Riches 2 Game Review

Street to Riches 2 grades the second outing in this well-received time management game series. This time, you play the part of a guy fresh from the army and who wants to make it big in the transportation business. You get to manage his trucking customers, contracts, employees, trucks and more in this busy game! ets 2 mod

The storyplot of Street to Riches 2 commences with the key character Steve leaving the army and trying to find a way to earn money. His brother-in-law lends him a truck to help him get started, and John decides to try turning this into a profitable trucking business. Which in turn is where you come in; your job is to help John deal with his business successfully in order to expand and turn his one-truck home based business into a huge transportation empire. 

The game begins out pretty slow, as you spend the first two levels learning the overall game controls and how to pick up and deliver goods (which isn’t difficult; almost everything involves pressing a button). You will spend this first part of the game viewing John drive his sole truck from customer to customer as he little by little earns enough cash to expand his business. Thank goodness, we have a fast-forward button to accelerate this boring “tutorial” phase.

The basic transportation jobs involve you picking up goods from location and delivering these to another. You could visit a possible client throughout the city, or you could wait for an airplane, train or boat to come within a fresh load. You can even get trucking jobs via phone. Things become even better when you have more vehicles and also you need to set aside trucks to delivery instructions to be able to maximize your efficiency.

Other lessons discovered during this early period include deciding which delivery jobs to accept and which ones to decline. It’s not very effective to accept a career that requires you to go right across town, specially when your next jobs are nowhere near that location. You also learn other basics such as retaining your truck before it breaks down, and supplying your driver a caffeine break before he goes by out.

The gameplay becomes better and more intricate once you earn enough money to buy a truck depot. Once you get your depot, you have a proper business and much more options are available to you. Don’t get worried though; the news refuses to all come into play at once. Each feature will be introduced as you progress through the levels. But from this point on, you will be able to deals with your company’s finances, management, human resources and customers.

Under finances, you will be able to handle your expenditures including your marketing budget. The management category involves deciding what type of goods are usually more profitable to truck, and also lets you see what their opponents are doing. Individual resources involve controlling your truck drivers and making sure they have enough trucks of a variety of makes that can transport the products. You also manage your clients and long-term delivery contracts via the customer category.

The atmosphere in Road to Riches 2 is fairly well presented, though it does feel a lttle bit went out with for a game title that is launched back in 2010. The graphics aren’t magnificent, nonetheless they do convey the feel and atmosphere of the trucking and small town business pretty well. The soundtrack doesn’t stand out too much, but doesn’t seem to be boring or monotonous either.