Smarter Email Marketing – Reboot Your B2B Lead Generation and Grow Your Business

The death of email marketing has been greatly high.

I think you’ve heard the discussions about the upcoming decline of email and the rise of interpersonal media. But independent marketing studies suggest that’s just not the case. Discussing see what the data lets us know.

? 2012 ExactTarget Survey – 66% prefer email as the #1 marketing communication funnel. getresponse discount

? 2012 EmailVision Study – 89. 2% of promoting managers say email remains as important or more important to their overall marketing strategy compared to two years ago. 

? A Merkle Study – 74% of online adults prefer to receive corporate communica-tions via email rather than social press, regular mail, text messaging, or phone.

Actually, the view for e-mail marketing – with a twist – is better plus more popular than ever. Integration is the twist. In a Strong Mail Marketing Tendencies Survey, 68% of business leaders intend to assimilate email marketing with interpersonal media. And the marketing spend for email marketing (60%) and social press (55%), shows business market leaders intend to pursue an integrated approach.

The Fresh E-mail marketing Strategy

Utilizing email by integrating it with social media, search, and content marketing results in smarter e-mail marketing. Because email covers all the parts of the buying pattern and champions permission marketing, it’s powerful and effective. With its opt-in feature, emails go to an audience willing to receive them. By itself, email encourages interactivity. But combined with interpersonal media, search and content marketing, e-mail marketing improves results.

Integrating E-mail marketing with Social Media

Public media hook up prospects, customers, and businesses. Once gowns done, relationships develop off-line via email or telephone. Email remains the preferred method because it’s fast, effective and efficient. With integration, both channels strengthen the other person as social press informs email marketing. Interact to prospects’ questions on online communities in a personal, joining and focused way. This kind of deepens and broadens your social network. And it nurtures your brand. Contain links in your email to your social press sites to enhance your supporters. Also, gently suggest customers refer your business by sharing your email. Adding email with social mass media increases effectiveness more than when employing each route independently.

Integrating E-mail marketing with Search

The brilliance of email lies in its ability to treat every part of the buying cycle. And it embraces permission marketing, which includes replaced interruption marketing. Incorporation with search gives you several benefits. Newsletters or eZines are an outstanding way to increase reach and build awareness. Adding relevant keywords to your email messages increases prospects’ probability of finding your newsletters. Also you can drive more prospects from search engines to your website by posting ezines to your site. Keyword-rich emails also help improve the odds of your emails heading viral. Combining email with search provides customers with marketing they want. Because Jay Baer would say, email has “Youtility”. This kind of helps improve your leads and grow your business.