Some of My Favorite Nicholas Cage Movies of All Time

If you wish to speak about prolific stars who continue to crank out movies year after year, Nicholas Cage should be at the top of the list. Sure, the guy has found him self in financial difficulties, which may help to make clear his current splurge of roles in a new movie nearly every two weeks, but the guy can act and remains one of my favorite famous actors.

Below are a few the greatest Nicholas Cage movies from the past two decades.

Allow me start out by discussing Lord Of Battle, a film through which Nicholas Cage plays Yuri Orlov, a Jewish arms seller that rises from little or nothing to become a business lead supplier of guns in the African wars. Jared Leto also stars in this film and takes on a really convincing druggie. 

One more great Nicholas Cage film came out recently to limited release. That movie was none other than Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call, New Orleans. Sure, 2 weeks. wordy name, but do not let that stop you from seeing this dark film in which Cage plays one of the most corrupt police officers I’ve ever seen.

A movie that came away recording (2010) that was incredibly enjoyable was Kickass. Cage played a super-hero in this film, but something I loved about this marketing strategy was that it never credited Cage as being the star of the film.

I would be remiss to make a set of Nicholas Cage films without bringing up Con Air. In Minus Air, he plays Cameron j. Poe, a retired ocean who will be imprisoned for an act of self security and has to complete John Malkovich of all people, before he can get home to see his daughter the first time.

About the softer side of things, one film of his that we really loved was It could possibly Happen To You. I normally are not a fan of romantic dramas, but this film felt real and was a feel good movie. This definitely has my press.

These are just some of the better films that Nicholas Cage has released in recent memory.