The Story Behind Victorian Corsets and Antique Corsets

A whole lot of folks may well not know yet Victorian cordons are simply the precursors of today’s modern zone. These corsets were created to help the female achieve the sort of hourglass number that was considered very attractive to men in those days. Since clothes no longer sported those huge sleeves that used to develop the hourglass image that girls wanted, something otherwise had to be done. This was when cordons commenced to be used to cinch the stomach in tightly, sometimes to very painful extremes, to aid in giving the woman wearing it the curves she wanted. Korset

Girls became so obsessed with getting the perfect cinched in waist and the hourglass figure that a lot of them put on these Victorian corsets somewhat tightly. This then became the real reason for certain ailments that women suffered in those days and these included indigestion and constipation. Even so were claims that women suffered with other more serious ailments during the past credited to these corsets, they are not actually supported by scientific proof. The advancement of the corset from its early funnel form to this painful cinched waist form became such an issue later back again in the 1800s that by the first 1900s, it was become what was then called the Edwardian corset which took pressure off of the belly area. 

Today, these Even victorian corsets or antique cordons, as you may easily call them, shall no longer be generally speaking use although there remain a few women who like the rather extreme cutbacks in waistline that these give them. A lot of people who have these old fabricated corsets have them as part of a collection of old corsets and not as something they would wear to help cinch in their waists. Modern corsets follow the condition of the cordon which come from the overdue Victorian period but with a slight difference. These types of new corsets no more pressure your waist to be cinched in too securely in the painful way it did before.