Tips For Teaching a Group Fitness Class Using an iPod Playlist

Among the key tools for a bunch fitness instructor is music. Music is employed to stimulate, energize and keep everyone on the same do better than. Using an iPod playlist makes the job much easier. Follow this advice on organising and playing back tunes for your fitness category. group fitness classes

Organize music folders into genres. For instance, if you teach cardio move you can separate your songs into rhythms such as salsa, merengue, bellydance and hip-hop. When you need to create a playlist for a category just choose a song from each genre and place it in there. If you teach step aerobics you can separate music into bpm and then set up the songs accordingly when you are ready to utilize them. 

The crossfade feature will assist you to create a list where the music moves from one song to another without gaps. This kind of is important to keep the energy going for your students. You can crossfade your playlist either on your computer or right on your ipod touch.

There are many options for participating in your iPod in school. If you have a stereo or speaker system already in place in your group fitness room you would probably just insert the cable into your headphone jack on your iPod. If your facility does not provide a stereo you might have to invest in a large, lightweight system. In some cases you may well be able to use a microphone put near a lightweight boombox or speaker to which your iPod is fastened.

The iPod makes course-plotting through your playlist easy. You can switch forwards and back between tunes, pause or modify the volume. For anyone who is teaching a distance from the location of your system you really should invest in an ipod device dock that comes with a remote.