Wall Boards in Contact Centres

While you are aware of real time activity in your contact centre, you are better equipped to change functions and agent behaviour. The use of a wall membrane board is a sure way of communicating real time activity to clubs.

What you choose to display is very important. Over the years I possess seen the good, the bad and the excessive. Displays which were not well laid out were annoying and often ignored. These kinds of wall boards proved to be a waste of time and effort. 3d wall boards

In the event that you have a wall membrane board or are at the same time of implementing one, bear in mind that the information needs to easily be translated. Every time an agent looks up to read the information valuable moments are lost. In the event the information is simple and quickly understood those treasured moments cause better performance. 

The wall board display is a great communication tool. It can be used to pass on very specific metrics that helps you in shaping the desired outcome.

Top tips to consider for your wall board

Less is far more
Information should be simple, it should be easy to understand without the agent having to determine data or interpret stats.

Make certain that your brokers can see the screen easily. Observe OSH requirements. A quick look is that is necessary.

Metrics that Matter
Calls ready, Agents logged in/idle, left behind calls, number of phone calls answered are very important metrics since they provide you with an understanding of activity.

Telephone calls Waiting around
This data offers an understanding of how occupied the contact centre is. team leaders use this information to identify how many agents are required to manage high call amounts

Agents Logged In/Out
This kind of data is important when managing calls waiting. Pertaining to instance, if 50 brokers are assigned to a queue and only 35 are handling calls, the team leader can check out and take appropriate action.

Agents Idle
In a similar fashion to displaying how many real estate agents are logged in or out, this can assist the team leader in deciding how agents can be reassigned to more busy queues.

Abandoned Rate
This kind of is the range of customers that hang up while waiting. If people are waiting too long and the abandoned rate is high, the team head may instruct additional providers to sign in. An additional thing to consider is the IVR; messages, lines and timing may need to be reviewed. Question yourself; how many phone calls are abandoned within 5 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute, 10 minutes? and what is the possible cause?

Calls Solved
This kind of indicates the number of calls answered within a time period. It also indicates overall performance in meeting KPI’s. It is useful for forecasting and investigating call trends.

Best Call Waiting
Assists in understanding the amount of time a customer is waiting in the queue. This information is useful when measuring service levels. This metric used in conjunction with “Average call handling time” provides some interesting insights.