What Do I Need to Know About the Maine Coon Cat

Think about a Maine Coon kitten?

The much loved Maine Coon is one of the most significant breeds of domestic cat, reputed for it is intelligence and playfulness as well as its distinctive physical appearance. The breed is one of the oldest breeds in North America and originated from New England, so that it is Many first indigenous show kitten. The Maine Coon Feline is regarded as “the gentle giant” and is known for a pleasurable mother nature. Maine Coon cat facts

Maine Coons are incredibly large and energetic cats, sometimes weighing up to 11-12 kilograms (25 pounds); the average weight is six to 9 kilograms (13-20 pounds) for adult guys and fewer (7-11 pounds) for females. Male Maine Coons may grow to a length in extra of 1 meter (40 inches); the longest feline on record is a Maine Coon 121cm (49 inches) long. Growth to full size often can take longer than for the majority of felines, with Maine Coons usually reaching full size at four or five. 

The breed has a face with a square snout, a thick neck, large ears, big, rounded eye, and a big, muscular body. The tail is long and relatively bushy.

The origin of the breed (and its name) has several myths surrounding it. A popular story comes from a legend that a domestic cat on sale since the wilds of Maine mated with a raccoon, resulting in offspring with the Maine Coon’s characteristics. Obviously biologically impossible, this myth, bolstered by the bushy end and the most frequent coloring (a raccoon-like brown tabby) could have led to the adoption of the name “Maine Coon. ” One more legend is that the cat was given it is name a ship’s chief named Coon who was in charge of the cat achieving Maine shores.

The fact is much more monotonous, in the 17th and 18th centuries, domestic pet cats taken to the new countries, from Europe faced very severe winters in Fresh England, only the most effective and most adaptable pet cats survived. Through natural selection (as opposed to discerning breeding), the Maine Coon developed into a large, rugged cat with a water-resistant, thick coat and a hardy constitution.
These types of days, the breed has many more recognized colors, including black, blue, cream, red, tortoiseshell, blue tortoiseshell, white, smoke, silver tabby, brown tabby, red tabby, blue tabby, cream tabby, and bicolour.

The Maine Coon is usually a social creature and gets on to cats, pups, and children. These felines have great personalities and are a great kitten breed for family homes.

Because of their above-average intelligence, Maine Coons are known to be one of the easiest feline breeds to teach. Maine Coons are known for their ability to trill their meows, which sounds like a combo of a purr and a meow, and they tend to make this sound when happy or startled. They hardly ever eat alone, preferring to eat together with other cats or humans.
Maine Coons occasionally embark on mischievous behavior when bored, such as deliberately pushing things off tables and the tops of refrigerators with their paws.