Yahoo Installs Bus Stop Video Games

You can forget boring occasions waiting for your bus to come. Yahoo has decided to install giant touch display screen video games in 20 bus shelters in S . fransisco so people waiting for the bus can play against people at other bus shelters while they wait. Players have a choice of four little games, single or multi-player and results are up-to-date in real time allowing neighborhoods to see how they are doing against cross city rivals. The area with the best score wins a wedge party some time in February with the strap OK Head to perform. bus stop advertising

Almost sounds like all the fun as participating in games on your smart phone except that you have to hang away at a bus shield. Smart way to pass the day for staff and students alike. Check out this worker cleaning the tour bus shelter and students so wrapped up in the competition missing their coach. If this becomes a thing of the future it will have a lot of men and women losing their jobs and a lot of later slips being handed away at schools. These touch screens are scheduled to be removed by the end of January but if this campaign was as successful as thought it would be likely to be seeing far more of these game screens appearing around the world. What a great advertising tool and let it stay to Yahoo to come up with such a great idea. Target audience – young adults such as high school students who love playing video game titles. Just how much would the online video game giants pay for this type of advertising? Lets just say the sky is the limit with this one.